St. John the Divine Orthodox Church
Canadian Archdiocese of the Orthodox Church in America
St. John The Divine Orthodox Church Welcomes You!

Greetings from the church community of St. John the Divine! 

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Faces of St. John The Divine

A Note From Fr. Constantine



This is a common saying that many of us have heard, growing up. For me, this statement is especially true of the Orthodox Divine Liturgy.


Why? Because visitors will ask me, time and again, “Why do we sing many of the same hymns each week?”


My answer is pretty standard; I say, “Well, the service you just witnessed dates back to the 4th century.  The ancient Christian Church composed it. It has withstood the rigors of time and the attempts to change it ever since.”


Yes, it can seem long to some and repetitious to others, but, for those of us who ‘get it’, it is like a soothing mantra where, for a little while, we can “lay aside all earthly cares so that we may receive the King of all, invisibly escorted by host of angels.” 


I have celebrated the Divine Liturgy, close to 1000 times. Each time, it is different. Perhaps, this is because each one of us is a little different each week, as we grow spiritually.


Won’t you take the opportunity to ‘come and see’ for yourself and witness the ancient Christian worship service unfolding before your very eyes!