Katie Returns to Church after the Birth of her Daughter, Zoe - 05/31/15

It was with great joy that Katie returned to church after the birth of her & Zak's daughter, Zoe.   Zoe was born on April 18, 2015.   The family felt it was a special blessing for Zoe & Katie to have their Churching on the Feast of Pentecost.   All were happy to meet Baby Zoe, and to have Katie with them at church once more.


Father prays over Mother and Baby in the Narthex of the Church.
Father is assisted by the father, our Cantor Zak. The Godmother, Shannon, is present with Mother and Baby.
Father reads the prayers of blessing for Mother Katie and Baby Zoe.
Father makes his way to the altar, carrying Baby Zoe.
Father lays Zoe on the altar for the mother, Katie, & godmother, Shannon to pick up.
Godmother Shannon poses with Baby Zoe.