Eggs Is Eggs - 04/09/15

We have a family joke about a wife & mother who is not so good at cooking eggs. Sunny-Side Up, Over Easy, Scrambled -- they never look the way they do at the restaurant.   But, the diners always say, "Eggs Is Eggs", meaning no matter what they look like, they taste good and were made with love.   And, we all laugh.

When I looked throught these pictures, I thought, "Eggs is eggs."  Why?   Because, obviously, these folks had A LOT of fun making our eggs for Pascha.   Even with the high emotion, many church services, and lots of work that is part of Holy Week, our church family still finds time to laugh and enjoy one another's company.   Eggs is eggs?  Take a look and see what you think.


Starting in the Kitchen ......
Moving to the Hall .......
But, where's the finished product?
Here it is! After the Pascha Service on Saturday night.
The eggs from another perspective.