Decorating the Funeral Bier - 04/10/15

Arriving early, before Holy Friday Services, our own group of Myrrh-Bearing Women decorated the Funeral Bier which would later carry the Epitaphion, the Body of Christ.

Many thanks to Flora & Earl, who always bring flowers for decorating.   Also, we are thankful to Windsor Chapel.  They gave us many flower arrangements, left from a recent funeral.  The flowers were beautiful.  We had enough to be able to give a rose to each person who came to worship on Friday night.

Our Martha shared a story.   She said, at home (Greece), early on Good Friday, the boys go throught the town, saying, "Flowers for the Epitaphion."   The people would go into their gardens and cut whatever flowers were in bloom. It made for a very colorful Funeral Bier.

Take a look at our pictures.  Does it remind you of the bier that Martha described?   

Our 'Myrrh-Bearing Women' begin their task.
We continue decorating.
The presbytera is taking her job of removing thorns from the roses very seriously.
Many hands make light work!
Just about finished ..... the wooden bier was created & donated in memory of Fr. Dean's son, Nick. It is very special to him and his family.
We always need a Clean-Up Committee. Thank you, Earl, for getting rid of our 'mess'.