Lazarus Saturday & Palm Sunday - 04/05/15

We begin our preparation for Holy Week.   Saturday started with Divine Liturgy in celebration of St. Lazarus.  After a pot-luck Lenten lunch, work began.   Cleaning, making palm crosses, and adorning the church for the upcoming week.   On Palm Sunday,  we saw the blessing and disbursement of pussy willows and palms in conjunction with the celebration of Divine Liturgy.   As our parish celebrates people of varying ethnic backgrounds, we use both pussy willows and palms to celebrate, "Hosanna!".  The day finished with a traditional fish dinner for the holiday.

Fresh Palms ready for creating crosses.
Perry, always ready to help.
Esther has fun making crosses.
Rose and Shannon busy at work.
The Altar Servers take a rest after a busy morning.
Our finished product!
Fr. Constantine blesses the pussy willows and palms.
Katie distributes the pussy willows and palms to a man incognito.
One of the littlest members of our community participates in the festivities.
Parishioners receive a blessing at the dismissal.
Our temple, ready for Holy Week.