Welcoming Cveta & Baby Lazarus for the 40-Day Blessing - 09/28/14

On Sunday, September 28, 2014, the parishioners of St. John the Divine, was blessed to welcome Mother Cveta, and Baby Lazarus back into our community, 40 days after the home-birth of Lazarus in August.

The family was waiting in the narthex of the church at the end of Divine Liturgy.   Fr. Constantine blessed both mother and baby.   He carried Lazarus to the front of the church, taking him into the altar, and bringing him out again.   Lazaurus was laid, on a blanket, on the solea, for his mother to pick up.   This act signifies that God has bless the parents with a child; the parents returning the child back to God, and the child is returned back to the parents to raise to love and serve the Lord.

Lazarus, a 'stout & sturdy' fellow, slept throught the w-h-o-l-e thing.

The church community was happy to meet and hold Lazarus, for the first time, downstairs.  We joined together to wish him "Many Years" in song.

Blessing Mother & Baby
Blessing Mother & Baby
Carrying the baby from the narthex to the altar
Fr. Constantine lays the baby on the solea, returning him to his mother
The Happy Family
All were joyful to meet Lazarus downstairs