St. John the Divine participates in Doors Open Windsor - 09/28/14

On Sunday, September 28, 2014, St. John the Divine participated in Doors Open Windsor.   This is the third time we participated in this bi-annual event.  132 visitors came to our church, asking questions about our history, and the Orthodox Christian faith.

As on September 26th (the Feast of the Repose of St. John the Theologian), we celebrated the 99 year anniversary of the founding of St. John the Divine Parish in Ford City, we added a 'Birthday Party' to our celebratory theme.

Downstairs, we served birthday cake, pastries, and beverages to those who came.   We showed them hospitality and shared more of our history and plans for our Centenial Celebration next year.

Many people worked hard to bring this event to fruition.   Parishioners spent the last few months, researching more of our parish history, which we shared with visitors through pictures and word.   We are especially thankful to some of our senior members who took the time to rummage through old pictures and papers.  By sharing the pictures, along with names, memories & stories, the history of St. John the Divine in Ford City was brought alive to younger parishioners.

Some of the ladies dressed in ethnic costume (representing the countries of Greece, Romania, Japan, and Russia).   We explained to visitors that the Orthodox faith is found around the world, and that the parishioners of St. John represent world-wide ethnic backgrounds. 

Birthday Cakes celebrating 99 years since our founding
A wall of St. John the Divine History
Young parishioners enjoyed the day
Representing World-wide Orthodoxy
Old Friends Visit
Fun was had by all!